French General Roses (2022). About 24″ x 51″. Pieced and quilted by me. Gifted to Martha Stuart Jewett.
The Mountains are Calling (2021). Pieced and quilted by me. Gifted to Toby and Jocelyn Sinton.
Untitled (so far). Completed August 2020. Mostly fabrics from my William Morris collection. 50″ x 66″. Pieced by me, quilted by Jennifer Metzgar.
Stars and Strips. Completed July 2020. 24″ x 24″.
Untitled (so far). Completed September 2019. About 55″ x 75″, I think. Gifted to Mary Iandoli & Todd Miner.
Detail of quilting over the lichen fabric in Untitled.
Urban Abacus. Pieced and quilted in fall 2018. Gifted to JS and ZD.
Florida Waves. Pieced and quilted in fall 2018. Gifted to Martha Saenz and Ted Turner.
Pieced 2018. Quilted by Valerie Pollay. “Bleeding Color” pattern.
Piecing takes up the whole floor.
Colorado Cabin (2018).
The actual window in the actual Colorado cabin.
A one-block wonder design, completed in 2017. Gifted to EP.
completed elephant, summer 2017. Gift for Julia Gil.
Blue Diamonds. 2016? Later modified and gifted to AJS.
Australian Kaleidoscope #1 and #2
Australian Kaleidoscope #1, 2014. Gifted to Laura Rosenfeld.
Sands and Blues. 2017? Quilt is 39″ x 54″. Gifted to DT.
Hydrangia Explosion. Completed January 2017. One Block Wonder pattern. About 48″ x 48″. Machine pieced, hand and machine quilted. A gift for Adrienne D’Olimpio.
details of Hydrangia Explosion.
The Hollow
The Hollow. Completed 2017. About 22″ x 28″. Gifted to Lisa Abell.
Three Volcanoes, Including Napoleon's
Three Volcanoes, Including Napoleon’s, 24″ x 48″
Mexican Blanket. Completed 2016? About 86″ x 72″. Gifted to AS and GC.
Barbara’s Chinese Magic, 2015. 60″ x 60″.
Barbara’s Chinese Magic, detail. Quilting done by Angie Roux.
Big Leaf, 2013. About 22″ x 22″. Following a class with Pat Pauly (Rochester, NY).
first foray into One Block Wonder pattern. Gift for Breena Holmes, 2015.
Spring Tulip, 2015. 15″ x 6″.
German Circles, 2013
Remembering Cece, 2012. 27″ x 21.5″.
Detail from Remembering Cece.