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Ireland 5: Inishmor, largest of the Aran Islands

Aran Islands have always meant to me beautiful cabled sweaters. Now I’ll forever associate the name with the patterns of rock walls (and sweaters as well).

Ireland 4: Galway

It was supposed to be a blustery and rainy day, with the end of “Storm Brian” affecting western Ireland. I have no faith in weather reports, and leave it up to the universe. Almost always not as bad as they say it’ll be.



Ireland 3: Westport to Galway

We drove south through Connemara, heading to Galway. First stop area was around Croagh Patrick, though we didn’t have time to climb. Another year. Across the way is the National Famine Memorial, a very moving sculpture of a coffin ship with skeletons forming the rigging. Nearby, the ruins of the Murrisk Abbey. Then through the phenomenal Doolough Valley, where people collapsed and died of starvation while seeking relief during the potato famine in 1849. A very stark landscape. Considered buying a sheep. Decided against it. By the southern end of the valley, we were in pouring rain for the remainder of the afternoon.


Ireland 2: Westward to County Mayo

After a few days in Dublin we rented a car and drove a few hours west/northwest, ending up in Westport, in County Mayo. Chris dislikes mayonnaise intensely, but now we know that it’s really Contae Mhaigh Eo.

Ireland 1: Dublin

Ithaca College’s London program has its fall break, so Chris and I have used the extra time to explore Ireland. We flew to Dublin on a Sunday afternoon, hours before Hurricane Ophelia was due to strike the island. Where we were it ended up being just a windy day, but we hunkered down in the pub and had REO Speedwagon’s “Riding the Storm Out” stuck in our head for hours.

Egypt 3: On Land

Before and after the diving trip, a night spent in each of Port Ghalib and Hurghada. Enough hours to appreciate that this is one very complicated and interesting place.

Egypt 2: On board the Emperor Asmaa in the Red Sea

Seven nights on the Emperor Asmaa, sailing from Port Ghalib down to the St. Johns area, and back via Fury Shoals and Elphinstone, among other great dive sites.




London 3: Pink Floyd, Longitude, and City Life

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Chris said a sobering thought last night, that we’re already 20% of our time being here. A semester flies so quickly…  Some days we spend just in our little house in our corner of London, but most days we venture … Continue reading

London 2: Brighton, Kew, and around home

Last weekend we took the train southward to Hurstpierpoint, a quaint village just outside of Brighton. Our friends Sarah and Martin Williams live there with their almost-to and already-in university children, Emma and Joshua, and we enjoyed delicious food and drink with them in several places. Sarah Williams was Sarah Cooper when Chris and I first met her as a fellow student at Middlebury College circa 1984.



London 1: New Surroundings

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We’re settling in to this place that is both familiar and exotic. Good weather, remembering to look right as we step off a curb, sipping tea and biscuits. Wifi works well everywhere which makes my livelihood continue uninterrupted, for the … Continue reading