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the NYT and its geography lessons

A great idea for a newspaper, to direct readers to educational activities that link to their own content.  The New York Times just published ideas for teaching geography, with relevant connections to the new national standards in both geography and English & language arts.  Guess this has been going on for a while!  Here are links to geography lessons published at the end of each school year, from 2010 and 2011.


a new lit and map app from Iowa

In the inaugural issue of the Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, a group of authors shared their work on the “City of Lit”: Collaborative Research in Literature and New Media.  There’s nothing that singly knocks my socks off about the project, but I do like the combination of an undergrad literature classroom + primary research in archived library collections + user-generated-content additions to the database + geotagged stories on a mobile device.  And they managed to scale it up to a good sized classroom too.  Nice.

Volunteer for crisis mapping efforts

The Standby Task Force is a volunteer-based network that provides real-time crisis mapping support for humanitarian organizations.  It emerged after the International Crisis Mapping Conference in 2010 and now has hundreds of members from around the world, people who participate in deployments once a call for help is received.  The SBTF is comprised of teams that monitor and translate stories from media sites; generate and verify reports; geolocate incidents; and analyze patterns of events, among other tasks.  Together with my colleague Helena Puig, I help to coordinate and guide the volunteers on the Analysis Team.  Here’s Helena doing a webinar that talks about the analysis team’s activities. Typically a deployment is only for a few weeks or up to a month, until others on the ground are in a better position to take over coordination and relief efforts.

The SBTF practices with simulations, and there’s one coming up next month in Boston.  It’s not too late to get involved!

entertainment maps

Movies:  a film buff has mapped 9000+ shooting locations that take place in 2000+ movies.  My university (Redlands) shows up for its cameo in The Rules of Attraction, a movie that I’ve managed to miss all these years.

Music: for people who associate music with specific places, a new map mashup lets people link to a favorite song snippet at a locale of their choice, world-wide.  Music + place = memories.

Global Twitter Patterns

Twitter activity over twenty four hours of time, November 2010.  Certainly the vast majority of tweets are inane blither, and a colleague recently reminded me of the tiny fraction of the world’s population that would have even heard of Twitter. But I do like to visualize patterns like these.

link via FloatingSheep