Argentina 2, Day 10


So what’s Emily doing when Eric and Julia are off at Colegio Patris? She’s doing an “independent study” to finish 8th grade. It’s a very structured form of home schooling that involves weekly assignments, emails, and phone calls with a teacher back in Redlands. It simply wasn’t feasbible to find a handicapped-accessible school for Emily, especially since the hassle of sorting it out isn’t worth the trouble for this 2.5-month-stay. Though we did manage it during Argentina 1 (back in 2003, when she was in 4th grade), we were in a much larger city and, frankly, we lucked out back then.

We haven’t established much of a routine yet, but now that the other kids leave for school each day by 8 am, we’ll get better. Since my colleagues in California don’t wake up for 4 hours after me, I sometimes do errands in the morning hours and work more in afternoons. Today Em and I walked into town to change money at the bank, buy vegetables and a battery charger (I fried our other one by not paying attention to voltage), and make photocopies. Her wheelchair works well for hauling our loot.

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