a GIS kind of week

A friend from work asked me today if I quilted and from there it became an opportunity to upload some new quilt pictures, then it became pretty clear that I hadn’t actually posted anything new in a very long time.

We all know what kind of crazy it’s been this COVID-year so no need to go there. So I’ll just talk about the last five days: compiling these GIScience/GIS instructional resources, getting news that the article I wrote with Tom Wikle about GIS Certificate programs was now out in Transactions in GIS, wrestling with the new server that hosts the GIS&T Body of Knowledge and chatting with colleagues about its future platform, making more plans for the global Resiliency in GIScience Education panels that are taking place, and writing letters of support for in-going proposal to do great things with GIS & GIScience.

I’m now starting to update my own upcoming fall 2020 class at Cornell (Intro to Mapping & Spatial Analysis with GIS) to use QGIS instead of my usual ArcGIS Pro. Why? The labs, which will have maybe 20% of the students in-person, at least that’s the plan today. Most are Mac-users, living and learning who-knows-where in these times, and most of the class will be online and otherwise suffering through small-laptop-screen-itis via the painful clumsiness of AppsOnDemand, plus its awkward data saving manipulations. Just can’t do it. Way too many other stressful factors in the world today to not simplify this one thing, for at least this one semester. And this way I also get to work more with Keith Jenkins, our very own QGIS superstar support colleague, who was super busy last month with the QGIS North America conference. Yay for Keith.

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