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Winter Snow Landscape Art

Check out these snow patterns.  This takes a LOT of planning and significant capacitsnow-4y for spatial visualization in the process!  Especially interesting how only with the curve of the road in the lower right do you have any sense of scale.

h/t to Nag on the Lake.

Metropolitain, some beauty behind the Paris metro

Here’s a beautiful visualization of the Parisian metro system.  I particularly like the 3d version with the density / heatmap underlay.

Thought I’d gotten this via FlowingData, but maybe not?

Group Think: Paintings Inspired by Google’s Street View

I think this is cool, the Virtual Paintout.  Each month, the owner of this site (Bill Guffey) chooses a new location (city, island, region, country) and announces the venue. For January 2013, it’s the Isle of Man.  For the rest of the month, anyone in the world is encouraged to explore that site via Street View and create a painting based on that perspective.  Digital versions of the paintings are published throughout the month, as they’re received, and when the contributors can follow the rules.

It becomes a way for artists to promote their work, but it’s also inspiration to explore the imagery further.  Viewing via Street View, versus an overhead, planar perspective, creates a greater sense of place.  We need to see more than rooftops alone.

stunning earth science designs in fabric

From my favorite fabric store, Spoonflower, check out the winners of the earth science contest.  Can’t wait to quilt with some of these!


new examples of geographically-informed art

Some lovely and gentle hand-drawn maps from Emily Robertson, followed by some woodcut ones via Bob Vila.

Maps of the United States shapes comprised of their bird feathers, by kelzuki on esty, and maps shaping other forms and objects, by Matt Cusick.

Finally, some philosophical thoughts linked to inspirational images, by Maptia.