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Matt and his dancing antics, back again

These videos  of Matt dancing around the world, in 20052006 and especially the 2008 one, have made me smile, laugh, and yearn to hold on to that sense of feeling at one with humanity. The imagery, the music from the 2008 one, the  vicarious and jealous thrill I felt at someone having the carefree opportunity to visit such places. If we only saw 2 or 3 seconds of a trip to a country, surely there were more than 2 or 3 days that we didn’t?

The 2012 version is now out, and I’m enjoying it as much as the rest.

I learned from Neatorama about the mini-history that Ethan Zuckerman had written for Matt’s videos. Intriguing was the story of the 2008 score which I’ve always adored. I shall purchase a (legal) copy of it, once my sleeping teenagers and their friends vacate the family room and allow me access to the computer with its master music library.


maps, mapping, humor

I wandered across a fun mapping and GIS blog recently, Blue Sky GIS.  They’ve collected (and generated) some fine ones, like this:


alternative ways of grouping and describing Americans

A post from somewhere recently (the Atlantic?) keyed me into the work done by John Nelson at IDV User Experience, such as Thiessen polygons of Craig’s Lists boundaries.  Then I wandered onto a similar approach for Massachusett’s Dunkin Donuts regions by PasteInPlace.   Soon the indefatigable Seth Dixon had pointed me towards the US Personality map. Next thing I knew, I was back to John Nelson’s production of the US according to its Google Autocompletes.  (Which reminded me of the Google Making us Dumber site, which I see has become stale, or maybe it was this Oddee list I was remembering.)

Just a few bookmarks after a Sunday night hour of procrastination…

Aztec ruins national monument metadata

I was searching for an old map that I knew was vaguely connected with a culture from Central America, and I knew that Esri had worked on it, so I tried Google-searching for “Mayan Esri mapping” and “mesoamerica Esri mapping” and then “Aztec Esri mapping.”

I was appalled, amazed, and confused to think about an Aztec person destroying precious metadata, especially about a national monument! What were they thinking!?

Only GIS-geeks and librarians are likely to find this as amusing as I did.

making strategic choices about your tattoos

A very clever sketch that interprets tattoo placements.   I guess Barbie didn’t take their advice?

via Nag on the Lake.

clever Tetris cartoons

Heaven and Hell.

Via xkcd. I love that site.

Atlas Obscura 2011

Atlas Obscura Day 2011 is just around the corner. Time to celebrate and explore the weird and wonderful phenomena of our phenomena-filled world.  I like the Atlas itself as a resource for locating the types of places that I enjoy visiting, like the Fremont Troll.