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VGI efforts to find localized radiation hot spots in Japan

PBS reported on a Japanese VGI effort to find micro hot spots.  Clever thinking to have the container with the Geiger counter and the GPS look like a bento box!  The community efforts are contributing to this regional map of radiation measurements, coordinated by


the Confluence Project

Last week I went out EARLY one morning with a friend to find 34 N latitude, 117 W longitude, contributing to the Confluence Project.  He’d been to this site multiple times, but never in a foggy rain, and we had a very memorable time scrambling over hill and dale.  For a while we had the latitude right on, then the longitude, and every time found it impossible to have one “stick” while we transversed through the dense and scrubby ceanothus to nail the other.  Our GPS trails showed that we’d clearly cross the exact site multiple times, just didn’t alight there very long!

Joseph has actually been to MANY confluence sites.  It’s a bit of a hobby-gone-wild. I love my geo-geeky friends. 


Searching via GPS and Following the Answers?

Once we combined GPS receivers and the yellow pages, there were few limits to the things we could find.  But it turns out that most of the time we search for Walmarts and pizza, especially when we’re in Los Angeles.  I think it’s interesting that the Riverside / San Bernardino area makes the top ten list for places where people make frequent searches.  Really?

Once the search directions have been provided, more men than women tend to ignore them.  Regardless of gender, it’s best to use the devices in moderation and with reason, unlike her and him.

Brits Getting Lost

Ordnance Survey on how frequently (very) and what proportion (two-thirds) of Brits finding themselves “lost.”

It’s not just the British. It’s all people affected by the reliance on digital navigation devices like GPS, nature deficit disorder, overly strict rules on being able to roam, NOT being a “free range” kid, the lack of meaningful Geography in our school curricula, the over-scheduling of children’s free time, and all the rest.


transform typical road maps to sketched ones

These Bing Destination maps are very cool looking.