Argentina 2, Day 18 – birthday party


Today is a national holiday – Dia de las Malvinas (Falkland Islands). So no school for the kids, no work for Chris, and little quiet at home. We spent the afternoon with friends (Barbara and Daniel; Barbara works with Chris at CETMIC); two of their daughters were celebrating birthdays. It’s the Argentine custom to invite your entire class to your party – no hurt feelings here – so this is what a gathering of 25+ 12-yr-olds looks like. The velcro jump suits (that’s Julia on the left) were second in popularity only to the spray cans of soapy foam, labeled “artificial snow.” The 7th grade girls enjoyed combining the foam with the trampoline, while the 7th grade boys preferred to slick down their hair.
We can nominate Chris for the “white men can’t jump” award. hee hee.

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