Amusement park, Argentina style

Today was spent at Republica de los Niños, a 1950s-era park very near our house. Walt Disney visited the place when it had recently opened and said it inspired him to build Disney Land. These days it’s a bit shabby around the edges, but we did get to feed llamas, ride trains, slurp ice cream, and bake in the sun. Elvi is not a big fan of spinning around upside down, or spinning around at all for that matter, so she opted out of all rides that involved leaving the surface of the Earth. Even so, the heat and just the sight of Eric and Julia (and Emily too, for that matter) on the rides made her nauseous. She wasn’t a happy camper by the end of the day. I was again grateful that the worst thing to happen was sunburn, given the lack of safety measures on all rides outside of the safety-paranoid US. Plus, spinning around upside down on ancient amusement park rides can’t be any more dangerous than driving the freeways of Southern California, statistically speaking.
p.s. Julia says, “I liked bumper cars the best. We went on them four times.”

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