Fifth Grade Fun


Eric’s class has headed south to Tandil for four days of camping. Their school prides themselves on promoting “outdoor experiences” and every grade has annual hiking and camping excursions. Parents gathered earling this morning to send off these young ones in two vans loaded down with tents, lanterns, compasses, cooking gear, and lots of warm clothing. It was 4 degrees Celcius (about 39 F) when they left, so I expect Eric will need many layers! Friends lent him a sleeping bag, foam pad, and flashlight – just the types of things that hadn’t made our packing list from home. The kids are divided up into sets of four for sharing tents and cooking their own meals. Can’t wait to hear about his adventures when he returns on Friday afternoon!

One response to “Fifth Grade Fun

  1. >I went on a week adventure with my 6th grade class when I lived in Paris. We didn’t camp, but it was sure interesting to be 12 and with a whole bunch of other 12 year olds that I didn’t know, and couldn’t verbally communicate with!Maybe he’ll end up a cultural anthropologist?!K

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