the camping debriefing

Mom: Eric, what did you most enjoy about camping in Tandil?

Eric: the rock climbing. We did two kinds of rock climbing, going up and coming down. The first time it wasn’t a very steep slope; we rappeled down it. The second one was a lot scarier because it was a straight-up slope, all rocky with not many hand-holds and foot-holds. The scariest part of it was going down after we had climbed up because you had to look down at the instructor to make sure that it was okay to start coming down. You had to lean back, with your feet on the mountain side.

Mom: Wow. You had a harness, right?

Eric: Yes, of course mom. We were safe.

Mom: So what else did you do? What food did you eat?

Eric: We slept in tents with about 4 people per tent. It was pretty crowded. We played a lot of games. Soccer in the field. We went on a lot of hikes. Every breakfast we had little cookies and hot chocolate. But it wasn’t very good hot chocolate. It was Nesquick and they didn’t stir it, so it was all clumped at the bottom. For lunches we had sandwiches with ham and cheese and tomatoes. For dinner we had things like chicken, rice, potatoes and meat. No vegetables. Except potatoes.

Mom: What did you do after dinner?

Eric: We took turns taking showers and then made up skits. Then we played hide and seek in the dark with flashlights. We had a bon fire and on the last night we performed our skits. I was a cupid and had to shoot pretend arrows which were really pieces of sticks. It was lots of fun.

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