Animals of Argentina

Animals of Argentina

Guest Post by Julia I. Sinton
Almost every house in Argentina has either a cat or a dog. We give names to the animals we see a lot. Some have homes and some are stray.Ralphy is a dog who has a home but he dug a hole under his fence so he can get out. He likes to go around the neighborhood and this makes other dogs bark at him.

Bruce is really a girl but we gave her that name before we figured it out. Bruce is a very sturdy and fat dog who lives downtown. She’s a stray but she’s well-fed.

Shadow is also a stray but not so well-fed. Sometimes Dad calls her Lucky because she’s lucky to be alive. But Eric and Mom named her Shadow because sometimes she follows you around town when you’re walking. One time Dad let her inside our gate so she was on our property and gave her some food.

Daisy is our family’s favorite. She lives down our street and has a home. She is playful and energetic and always wants some petting. You don’t see her all the time because she’s inside her home a lot. She jumps up on the fence and wants to be pet, then she runs down to the next section of fence and wants petting there too, and then the last section of fence, even though there she has to get behind some prickly bushes to get her head to the petting place.

A couple of blocks down from Daisy’s house is a rundown house we call the Crazy Cat House. The Crazy Cat House has six kittens and four older cats. We give the cats food but they don’t let us pet them.

Cheetoh is an orange cat that has a home but wanders around the neighborhood. She loves to be petted and she doesn’t mind dogs.

Cowhead Jr. and Skittles Jr. are named after our cats in California. They look almost exactly like them. They love to be pet but we don’t see them everytime we go by. These cats even like to be picked up and put on Emily’s lap in her wheelchair.

This is the story of the animals of Argentina.

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