Day in Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetery


Emily and I spent the day in Buenos Aires yesterday. Our first stop was the Recoleta Cemetery, the posh place in BA to hang out for eternity. More than 20 (former) Argentine Presidents are buried there, plus many other well-known folks such as Evita Peron. Wednesday (May 7) had been Evita’s birthday, hence the unusually large amount of flowers outside her family’s mausoleum. We also found Emilio Mitre, the engineer whose name was given to the street where we used to live.
Emily’s real objective had been to see the 100 (!) cats who also call this place home but we learned that they all come out only in late afternoon (when well-meaning cat ladies visit and feed them). Our late morning visit wasn’t feline fruitful, but Em had a chance to learn more about Evita (whom she’s researching for an English report).

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