Day in Buenos Aires, Tierra Santa




Our next and final stop was Tierra Santa, a Holy Land theme park smack dab in the middle of the city. It’s located RIGHT next to the small, domestic airport so I’ve been intrigued each time I fly over and see it from the air. All I knew by reputation was that a large Jesus emerged from the mountain-side. A must see.


Rachel thought so too, and accompanied by Max and Luca in their double-stroller, we were the gentiles with wheels. The boys enjoyed the multitudes of small (plaster) animals all around, and the planes roaring overhead.


A very interesting place to visit. Might have been better if we’d known all the biblical stories, but maybe not. I’ll let the pictures tell the story (note the one of Emily and others welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem). They’ve done a great job at being diverse – there was also a mosque, a synagogue, a tribute to Gandhi, and some Buddhas for sale at the gift shop. We came home with fun memories, lots of pictures, and a snow globe.

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