Chinese Jump Rope

Chinese Jump Rope

Guest Post by Julia I. Sinton


Since our school has no playground and not very much space to run around the kids need something to do during a total of an hour worth of recess. The boys usually take up the little space to play soccer but mostly the girls don’t really want to play soccer on the muddy grass. So the girls now jump rope or Chinese jump rope. If you want to play any of these you have to bring your own ball or rope. I decided to do Chinese Jump rope rather than plain jump rope. After learning the rules and getting pretty good at it I got my own rope for less than one dollar. Now I can practice at home and at school. I taught Eric and my Mom how to do it although my mom likes just holding the rope rather than jumping!

Here are the steps:
First you jump on one of the sides, then the other side.
Next you jump into the middle.
Then you jump outside then jump on both sides.
That was just ankles, now you have to repeat the same except its at knee height and then waist height.

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