Argentina 2, Day 66 – Lousy Days

It’s really only funny in hindsight, the three weeks that the younger kids had head lice. From April 24 through some day last week, we spent a LOT of time checking, washing, combing, conditioning, removing. Julia has LOTS of hair. Some days I was resigned and stoic, other days fuming with frustration. Especially annoying was not to have a washer/dryer here at home to easily cleanse any of the peripherally contaminated items, so we had to do lots of extra hand-washing and trips to the laundromat. And our kids weren’t the only ones last month: their school held two “campañas” (campaigns) of checking to battle the uprising. The only other time they’ve had lice? During Argentina 1 in 2003. I know these infestations are world-wide, I know the bugs are indiscriminate to race, gender, ancestry, language, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation. I know there are families in Redlands dealing with this. All I know is I’ll always associate private schools in Argentina with head lice.


Somehow, Chris, Emily and I managed to stay bug-free. Thanks for small favors.
On Day 1 of the onslaught, we went to the local pharmacy and invested in their top-of-the-line, super-duper, deluxe, imported from Europe (so it must be good), nit-picking comb, named the Assy 2000. For obvious reasons this was the (sole) source of great amusement we associate with the situation. Though I still snicker at remembering Eric’s pronouncements that “Today is an Assy Day,” and my visions of little lice flying out of their hair on their Harry-Potteresque-Nimbus 2000 comb, we’re just glad it’s all over. Nothing new for over a week, and constant vigilance will allow us to return to California nit-free. But if our kids have shaved-heads next time you see us, you’ll know why.

2 responses to “Argentina 2, Day 66 – Lousy Days

  1. >Is there some sort of verification mechanism that I can institute before allowing T&M near your family?? :-)There had been a previous post on lice, but I’m afraid I didn’t understand the magnitude of the situation. Alas, the video wouldn’t play for me … but I got a sense from perusing the web site. So fascinating in a “train wreck” way the combination of environmentalism and stewardship in a what is essentially a do nothing sort of way, even while, at the same time, suggesting some tips.K

  2. >No worries, Kim. We’ll bring Assy 2000 with us!

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