Argentina 2, Day 76 – one more to go

Yesterday was the 29th of the month, the “Día de los Ñoquis” – or Day of the Gnocchis, if you prefer. In this part of the world, it’s a long-standing tradition to eat the doughy potato lumps on the 29th of every month, a cheap meal in anticipation of pay-day on the 30th. Or it’s a hyped scam by GMSA (Gnocchi Makers of South America), like Hallmark coming up with more ideas for holidays to celebrate. Either way, I waited in line with others to purchase from the new pasta place in town (Mamma Julia’s). Good marketing ploy on their part to have their grand opening on the 29th of a month! And a disappointment on our part that they’ve opened just as we’re leaving. Their noodles look wonderful.
Today is the last day of school for Eric and Julia and they got a goodbye hug from their bus driver. After lunch I’ll drop off a cake in each of their classrooms as a contribution to the goodbyes. They’ll be thoroughly sugared up by bedtime since Julia will go to yet ANOTHER birthday party after school and Eric’s friends have planned a (surprise) party for him at one of their houses. No shortage of social opportunities here.


Off to pack a bag or two…

2 responses to “Argentina 2, Day 76 – one more to go

  1. >I’m going to miss your adventures. Thanks for taking the time to ‘journal’ your and your famiy’s experiences in Argentina. And have a safe trip back!

  2. >You need a last reflection on Argentina/coming home blog … and then I’ll remove DianaMaps from my RSS feed.K

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