geoDesign workshop in Redlands

Our local newspaper ran a story on the geodesign workshop that the University held in January. Not clear from the story is that the reporter, Kaethe Selkirk, is also an undergrad student at Redlands and participated in the 5-day event as well. The overall goals, as Kaethe explains, were to create GIS-based plans that reached target values for both open space and transit-oriented development. But the event served multiple purposes: it was largely a research experiment, led by Carl Steinitz, to evaluate multiple process models for reaching the goal. Nine teams, each following a different protocol, worked in parallel to reach the goals.

Meanwhile, our Redlands Institute was testing new digital tools, designed specifically for this event in concert with our close allies at Esri. Six undergraduate students participated as equal members on six of the teams. The experience was exhausting, stimulating, and inspirational. The University is thinking about how to have more learning experiences like these. Let’s see where these geodesign ideas can go next.

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