VGI for Crisis Mapping

Third and final day of the small gathering (hosted by ESRI) to talk about VGI. Last formal talk, by Anahi Ayala Iacucci, on the work of Ushahidi and Crisis Mappers, was inspiring to many. It was gratifying to see how much (relative) progress has been done on coordination of vital grassroots efforts.

I wasn’t nearly as familiar with this work as I could have been, and I’ve lost track of the current status of the GISCorps too, since the 2006-2007 project I did with them for the Medical Mission Exchange.

It doesn’t take much for me to question the value of my knowledge as it’s currently applied in my regular work, compared to what I could be doing. Will be working to merge these better! First step – will organize a student opportunity to contribute some work to Open Street Map this spring.

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