exploring tornado analyses and data

It’s that time of year, when small towns in the Midwest make headline news for the trailers that get upturned.  One of my favorite data visualization referatory sites, ChartPorn (unfortunate name, guys) , recently posted an overview of maps and data analysis sites for info back into the mid 20th century. I explored one of these sites further and came across NOAA’s National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center.  This is a nice collection of GIS-ready data for those of you who want to make your own maps.

One response to “exploring tornado analyses and data

  1. Thanks Diana. This NOAA center is the site I used to develop my “Stormy Weather” GIS-based lesson that is described at the bottom of this blog post: http://blogs.esri.com/esri/gisedcom/2011/05/20/analyzing-the-spatial-and-temporal-aspects-of-tornadoes-using-gis/ What students do here is analyze one day’s pattern of severe weather – hail, wind, and tornadoes. For the lesson I selected the day in April 2011 when the tornado occurred at the St Louis airport, but they could use the same techniques to study any day they choose.

    –Joseph Kerski

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