back in running mode on National Running Day

Two years ago, I completed the Rock & Roll marathon in San Diego in just over 4 hrs.  Fast forward to the present, and I’m in a state of recovery, from a year of cancer and its treatments, and 18+ months of on/off plantar fasciitis. But a few days ago I went about 2 miles with my Vibram 5-toe shoes, and today I’ll head out for another few miles in my new low-profile Brooks. My goal is to be running 1/2 marathons in a year, pain and injury free.

I love xkcd’s cartoons, especially on National Running Day.

One response to “back in running mode on National Running Day

  1. I am doing my first triathlon this July right before the Esri UC Diana. Any tips ? How can I make a story map if i am too exhausted to take pics while doing the event 🙂 ?

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