mega-size xkcd cartoon finds a navigational platform with Esri

I love the cartoons on xkcd.  This week one was larger-than-life, requiring its own “overview” map to find one’s way around.  Frankly, after the first few moments of panning in its native environment, the amusement factor quickly faded and I lost interest.  I know I *should* enjoy taking the time just to pan,  wandering across digital space until I tumbled upon something pleasurable, but my Protestant work ethic (and spirit of capitalism?) keeps kicking in!

I wasn’t the only one who thought about how useful an overview map would be!  What a great surprise to find that this one was built and hosted on Esri’s map services!  Thank you, the zooming is just what we needed. I love it when we use our conventionally-geographic mapping interfaces for non-geographic topics, and I’ve written before about them.  This is the first time I’ve seen an Esri-built one, quickly and reactively and in good humor, and I’m glad.

Wish I had the h/t for the blog that directed me to the Esri site. Will share it when I uncover it again.

One response to “mega-size xkcd cartoon finds a navigational platform with Esri

  1. Thanks. I was hoping somebody’d make that xkcd easier to access

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