GIS and University Administrators

From our new website,, we published a White Paper today that focuses on how to talk to university administrators about GIS.   First, make sure they know what GIS is, and what it’s not (i.e., GPS).  After that, it all depends on your intentions.  Different messages for different expectations.  Build some connections, share some stories, offer some statistics, anticipate and mitigate the tensions.  Figure out what your favorite GIS video, book, or website is, and send it to your Provost or Dean, just to say hi.

2 responses to “GIS and University Administrators

  1. It’d be nice to give the author(s) credit…

  2. Yes, we’ll share the names of the contributors for future White Papers, and we may make that adjustment to this one too. Members of the Advisory Group are the authors for all White Papers. I was the sole author on this one, with some editorial contributions from the AG.

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