sunsets and full moons in the rear view mirror

Three weeks of time shifting. How can it all drag out so slowly and fly by at the same time?  We’re heading to the airport shortly, for our  4:10 am flight to Guam. Who schedules a flight for 4:10 am?

I’ve been watching chickens cross the road. The full moon brings the crabs out, and they’re running across the roads too. The full moon makes the neighbor’s yard flood with the tide is high, twice daily.  Now it happens only every four weeks when moons are full. Soon it will happen more and more regularly since they live only inches above sea level.  Today we had one light drizzle rain, during the local 8th grade graduation ceremony that we were watching, and two strong and heavy downpours, each an hour apart while we were riding in the back of the pickup truck on two separate occasions. I usually ride up in the cab; professor’s privilege. Tonight I was in the back both times, together with students and fellow professor Greg, and both times we were absolutely drenched with rain. We howled with laughter.

I’ve loved Yap, especially being called by my first name now by a few dozen people on the island, and experiencing underwater life through scuba and snorkeling, and making maps for the Yapese.  Someday I’ll come back.

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