ArcGIS and Jerry Garcia

Who remembers that fun Easter egg that light-hearted Esri programmers slipped into ArcMap back in the early-mid 2000s, back in the ArcGIS 8x days?  Add a new shapefile to a new map, start editing, then type J-E-R-R-Y.  Would never get past the marketing folks these days. Sigh. Can’t a mapper have any fun anymore?

One response to “ArcGIS and Jerry Garcia

  1. Hi Diana. I did not know about this functionality – interesting and it provides a “touch of grey” ! I think that with the expansion of web mapping tools and data these days, there *IS* actually more fun in mapping than ever before. One example is the new Esri Cartography MOOC ( – still time to register). The videos alone from that course show that cartography and GIS can be fun as well as important to our world. And I have a ton of fun geography, GIS, and music videos on my video channel. Yes, we can definitely have fun while working on important tasks, even though there may not be a Jerry Garcia image in our GIS software. Thanks for raising this issue.

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