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Uncommon situations that warrant spontaneous purchases

I’m finding the development of location-based services to be both intellectually intriguing and amusing.  The ThinkNear mobile advertising business endeavor of Telenav intrigues me because I like the ways they’ve grappled with explaining the complexities of geospatial location to business-minded novices. Seeing their current home page ad has been an amusing highlight of my day. Definitely an advertising location_based_services_ad (800x385)idea thought of by a man, but I admit it’s clever. Makes me want to send it to my friends and see whether they get it.

FedEx makes cartograms of global information data

Interesting to see FedEx get into the mapping and visualization business, though not surprising because they’re active participants in a global distribution network of information.

They chose to make cartograms, a cartographic format that will confuse the uninformed casual observer of these maps but may inspire some additional learning (about mapping and about the interaction of the variables). Cartograms distort the size and shape of a mapped area (in this case, countries) on the basis of some variable. If cartograms float your boat, check out these at Worldmapper.