>Argentina 2, Day 6

>When we were walking around earlier this week I saw a sign in a window that said “Busco Ovejero Alemán.” I stumbled over ovejero. From ovo (egg)? “Looking for German Eggmaker”? “Looking for German Stud”? Nah, too many World War II connotations. Ah, from ovejo. Sheep. “Looking for German Sheeper.” Or, perhaps German Shepherd makes more sense. This is the land of dogs. Got house? Got dog. Or two, or three. Even more so since the economic collapse 5 1/2 years ago, and people are feeling less secure than ever so everyone has a dog. Not the tiny yappy ones popular around Southern California, but large barky ones who excel at intimidating. A siren last night tipped off a chorus of guard dogs from all directions. Made me miss my two quiet cats, who would be lousy guards.

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