Guest 1 and Guest 2

Chris and I both come from families full of intrepid and frequent travelers. So it’s common to have relatives and friends find us when we’re abroad, and they’re always welcome. My step-father, Fred Schroeder, has been in Uruguay and Argentina for several weeks already, combining a business trip with some vacation time, so we’re happy to have him claim “first visitor” status.



But only by a few hours! Priscilla Minotti and I have been friends since the early 1990s when we were fellow geography graduate students at Oregon State University, and we’ve been able to reconnect multiple times over the years. She was integral in setting up our first stay in Argentina (Argentina I, in 2003). Last night we began brainstorming how to rejuvenate our dormant research project from Parque Nacional El Palmar, the focus of my National Science Foundation Research Fellowship five years ago.

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