birthday in Buenos Aires


On Friday Julia and I ventured into the big capital city together. We’d decided to take the bus (8 pesos) instead of a taxi (80+ pesos) and use the extra money on shopping. Great idea, but we didn’t leave the house until around 6 pm, and it was beginning to pour rain, and we got on the wrong bus, and it was so crowded that we stood at the front for the first half-hour (trying not to have our small overnight bag hit the bus driver’s shift stick). I was never in full panic mode about being on the wrong bus. I kind of knew the general part of town where the bus would eventually end up, and it would just mean a taxi ride back to where we really wanted to be. I managed to explain the situation to a man near me (finding people near me wasn’t a problem, given the crowd) and got good info on when/where to exit to minimize the error. Then over the bus radio we heard Abba’s Dancing Queen and Cake’s version of I Will Survive back-to-back, and I knew all would be okay.


Two hours later we’d checked into our hotel and were out on the town. Big city, this Buenos Aires. I’d picked a place near the main shopping/tourist areas so there was much to look at. Living in Argentine time, we dined at 10 pm on delicious grilled chicken and steak. While we ate we watched to the side street as people sorted through TONS of plastics, cardboard, and glass and carry off the bundles on carts, bicycles, and small trucks. The unofficial recycling network of the city.


Saturday morning we were joined in the city by Chris, Emily and Eric. Spent the afternoon dining and visiting with Rachel/Gustavo/children, then night-time taxi back to City Bell in time to read a few bedtime chapters of East (by Edith Pattou) with the kids. Great book! Happy birthday, Julia.

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