>Argentina 2, Day 30


All of a sudden it became fall. Leaves have begun to change (I love how this tree stands out against the violet of the Morning Glory flowers behind it) and we figured out how to turn on the heaters. This house is a bit like a summer cabin. Drafty, with a random assortment of paperback books and only a few kitchen utensils and other modern electronic appliances. No one really NEEDS a toaster, a blender, a microwave, a dishwasher, a washer or dryer, or a vacuum cleaner. We manage quite well with our one spatula, one ladle, one wooden spoon, a broom, and of course the most important thing, our internet cable.

2 responses to “>Argentina 2, Day 30

  1. >Dear Diana,Chris, Emily, Eric and Julia, Happy belated birthday,Julia! Your party looks like fun!Julia looks alot like Vic when she was 10! How wonderful Fred could visit! He emailed that he had a good time! I love your terrific blog! Do you need food sent due to paro? Caroline and Kasey are enjoying healthy Kahlil born on Lisa’s birthday 29 Mar 08. Andrew is enjoying surveying and accounting courses. All’s well here in DC I wish I could visit you but remember you are always welcome here. Don’t care if Chris can’t jump-he’s wonderful anyway!Love, Aunt Marty

  2. >Sounds JUST like all my fieldwork experiences — an odd collection of “furnished” places. How long can one survive with one pan and two spatulas and a wisk? About 6 months. With just a wee bit more you can survive a chilly year in Scotland!

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