Argentina 2, Day 42

We’ve been here for 7 weeks and we leave 5 weeks from today. All novelty of seeing that we “can” live here again with our family of 5 (set up a household, attend school, work remotely, communicate with local merchants) has worn off. At times we’re frustratingly weary of the hassles (oh, have I overlooked the topic of endemic head lice in Argentina?) and we yearn for simple California routines. Else, we may get too used to the simple routines here. Like having a kilo of ice cream delivered after a late night dinner so we don’t have to leave the couch (which itself is vying for the “world’s most uncomfortable” prize) where we squeeze in together to watch “The Day After Tomorrow” on Chris’s laptop screen and laugh about the tidal wave that wiped out NYC. Argentina was looking like a good place to be in that movie! Only 5 more weeks to make more memories like that one. We’d better slow down and enjoy them.

2 responses to “Argentina 2, Day 42

  1. >That’s a first rate film — we’re watching it in our class in a few days! Extreme climate change here we come!!

  2. >Diana – I just got caught up on some of your latest posts and so enjoy reading your insight infused with your sense of humor.We just had Hot Dog Day in Alfred. Weather was great until about 4 pm when the skies opened up with a heavy spring rain.Otherwise, Alfred is beginning to look green again. Sawyer turns 13 on Thursday! Officially entering the teenage years.Laurie McFadden

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