Argentina 2, Day 44 – the Andes

On Monday morning we helped to stimulate the Argentine economy by doing our fair share of shopping, then it was off to the mountains. Some clouds but none of the rain that had been forecast. It all looks a lot like the US Southwest – desert, red rocks, snowy mountains. On the morning news I’d heard about the mountain highway being closed to traffic because of a large snowstorm (something that often happens at the Chilean/Argentine border, like after this storm last year), and sure enough, at some point we were stopped by a highway patrol officer. But at that point we were all the way up in Upsalatta, a small town without much more than a mountain-base of the national guard, and it was getting dark, and the wines were waiting. Later that night we enjoyed a tasting at The Vines. I’m no good at remembering details of how each wine tasted, except that they were good and Kevin took a lot of mental notes. Eventually we made our way to a well-known Mendocino restaurant that was as busy as ever at 11 pm.

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